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Our Work

Discover Biofuels de México RNG's founders have built an impressive portfolio of renewable energy projects, including a biodigester feasibility assessment, biogas scrubber system design, biodiesel processing award and more.

"Image of a gasoline pump with a digital display showing the cost and quantity of fuel being pumped into a car. The pump is located next to a busy street and surrounded by a few parked cars. The design of the pump includes branding and safety labels

Biodiesel Processing Award

Won the Shell Petroleum Award for biodiesel processing and use by Grupo Ado, Mexico's largest passenger transportation company.

Food Processing Digester Feasibility Assessment

Conducted a technical, economic and legal evaluation for a 50 ton per day food processing digester at the Central de Abastos in Mexico City, the main market for food and agricultural products in Mexico.

Image of the city of Zacatecas, Mexico, captured from a high vantage point. The city is surrounded by green hills, and the blue sky provides a beautiful backdrop. The city's colorful buildings, narrow streets, and prominent landmarks, including the cathedral and the hilltop fortress, are visible in the foreground.

Biogas Scrubber System Design

Designed a biogas scrubber system for the largest brewer in Mexico, Grupo Modelo, to reduce their carbon footprint.

Renewable Energy Projects

The company facilitated various renewable energy projects, including California's first injection project, a sugarcane ethanol plant, a 70 MW solar program for Kaiser Permanente, 20 MW solar program for ProLogis logistics centers, and a renewable energy aggregation program for the World Wildlife Foundation. Additionally, they obtained all regulatory permits for a food processing plant.

Image of wind turbines located in a city near a body of water. The turbines are in motion, and their white blades are visible against the blue sky. The reflection of the turbines and surrounding buildings is visible on the calm water's surface. The image conveys a sense of renewable energy, sustainability, and modern urban infrastructure.
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