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Creating Value from Methane in Mexico

We turn our Host’s organic waste streams into bottom-line revenue.



BioFuels de México RNG (BMRNG) builds, owns and operates methane/biogas “Capture and Process” plants located at our Host facilities in Mexico. We solve pollution and carbon footprint issues for owners of methane producing operations, generate income for the Host by developing and operating Capture and Processing plants that convert biogas to Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), market the by-products of processed biogas and share the revenue with our Hosts.

Our Work

BioFuels de Mexico RNG's team has provided sustainable energy solutions, executing renewable energy projects worldwide, including feasibility assessments and biogas scrubber designs. We've earned accolades for promoting a sustainable future, such as the Shell Petroleum Award for biodiesel processing. Our commitment to high-quality services exceeds client expectations while promoting sustainable practices.

An aerial view of a vast expanse of green cactus fields under a bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds

About us

BioFuels de México RNG is a renewable energy company that specializes in Capturing and Processing biogas into Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) at Host facilities such as landfills, livestock farms, food and wastewater processing plants in Mexico. With more than 75 years of combined experience in renewable energy, the company's business model eliminates methane pollution liabilities and reduces carbon footprints while creating a new revenue stream for its Host facilities.

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