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What we do

BioFuels de Mexico RNG is a pioneering company that has been in the business of developing methane/biogas Capture and Process plants at our Host facilities since 2006. Our unique business model is designed to eliminate the Host's methane pollution responsibilities and significantly reduce their carbon footprint, while at the same time generating a new revenue stream that directly impacts their bottom-line earnings. By utilizing our advanced technology and expertise, we are able to effectively Capture and Process methane/biogas emissions, converting them into Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) that can be used as a clean energy source. With a commitment to sustainable and environmentally responsible practices, BioFuels de Mexico RNG is leading the way in promoting the adoption of RNG and helping to build a more sustainable future for Mexico and beyond.


How do we do it

We solve pollution and carbon footprint problems for owners of methane producing operations such as landfills, livestock farms, food processing and wastewater facilities.  We generate revenue for the Host by developing and operating Capture and Process plants that turn biogas into Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).  Then we market the byproducts of the processed biogas and share the revenue with our Hosts.

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